This is BLOOM

Curating intimate engagements and spaces for ambitious African women to connect, speak, learn, and grow.

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The Vision

We aim to tap into the unmatched and collective power of African women to build lasting legacies by driving impact and accelerating positive change within themselves, their communities and the world as a whole.


We're helping ambitious African women:

  • Connect with and support one another
  • Find and craft their unique voice
  • Thrive in their purpose
  • Build strong platforms and legacies
  • Engage with the Diaspora
  • Drive positive and lasting impact

What we do


We create intimate engagements and spaces that foster growth and impact-driven and honest dialogues between ambitious African women.


We enable networking between women across Africa and the Diaspora and create opportunities to discover supporters and partners.


We nurture and strengthen women along their life journey by providing the support, resources and thought-leadership necessary to thrive in their purpose and drive positive and lasting impact.

Our By-Loves


Love of Self

A commitment to loving yourself first. From your well of self-love will spring love for others.


Love of Growth

A commitment to constantly improving and expanding in all areas of your life.


Love of Sisterhood

A commitment to approaching and treating fellow women in a sisterly and respectful manner.


Love of Community

A commitment to loving and advocating for those around and beyond you.


Love of Integrity

A commitment to being consistently trustworthy, reliable and of good character.


Love of Service

A commitment to serving your community and the world through positive, impact-driven actions.


At the Bloom Africa, we believe that in order for women to grow and thrive in their purpose, drive impact and build lasting legacies, they must first fill their vessels.

The Bloom events are specially curated experiences that allow ambitious African women to re-set, re-connect and re-strategize with other like-minded women.

Events will be held throughout the year and will feature thought-leaders who support, guide and teach on matters related to business and career, purpose and legacy and matters of the mind, body and soul.

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